I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. My passions are centered around igniting the fire within, being open, and living with compassion. I have always been captivated by healthy living, curiously wondering how a healthy heart never skips a beat. I now understand that the heart and mind are all connected by the foods we eat.

After going through all the ups and downs that life offers I finally figured out what worked for me, I also found my passion and purpose in life.  I had earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, I loved my major but it frustrated me that there was never a solution to our social problems. I wanted to make a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.  If one person can live a healthier life that will impact future generations.  Healthy people are typically happy people, they often sleep better, and are usually environmentally and fiscally responsible.  Consciousness and awareness of healthy living are the first steps to improving social problems.  So feeling like I was on to something, I began studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  Low and behold, the staff and alumni feel they same way I do, so through my coaching programs and guidance of IIN, I intend to create a ripple effect.  My blog is about my journey of creating a ripple effect.  I intend to express myself to you, in hopes that my stories will open you to accepting your story. Sending all my love and honoring your light ~Hillary

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