The Feat of Meditation.

Finding peace through meditation, I feel this concept is a load of blissful crap. Still, every day I encourage myself to meditate.  One day I will find this third eye of mine. Mainly I meditate because I want to overcome a part of me I dislike. One day, I will learn how to maintain my composure when things are out of my control. Hillary-33

Today I tell myself, meditation is all about practice.  If I just focus on how my inhale feels, it’s nice and cool; I can feel new energy enter my mind. Or maybe if I focus on my exhale, it’s warmer…I am starting to trail off onto another thought. Ugh, I am never going to get the hang of this. From what I have read, meditation is all about beginning again. So, I begin again.

How about I focus on one word.  Okay, so I will meditate on JOY, it’s my middle name; it should be easier to meditate on.  Oh JOY.  What brings me joy? Pastures, the rolling hills of beautiful green grass and moo moos grazing, or goats; goats are just adorable.  Oh now I am thinking of that spoof, the Taylor Swift spoof…AHHHHH.


I actually saying AHHHH, my hip flexor is tight and my foot is going numb. The only other comfortable way to meditate is to lay down.  Ooh like savasana. I LOVE SAVASANA.  Only then am I usually able to quiet my mind for at least 1 minute.  I guess because I am so physically relaxed my mind doesn’t want to bother with thoughts.  In savasana I feel a sense of energy swarming over me, it gets a bit heavy, but it is comforting. That feeling seems lovely right about now, I will just mock savasana. So, I am going to just lay down right here on this cold wood floor, where dust bunnies run rampant, and practice my mediation. Hmm this is not as pleasant, it’s not 100 degrees in this room. Ugh, maybe if I am warm it will be relaxing. I’ll just grab this comforter. Okay this is nice, ooh especially if I grab a pillow. Yep, this is better.  I think my meditation timer went off like 10 minutes ago, I will just set a sleep timer for 15 minutes.  Then I will get up and start my day.

No part of me pats myself on the back for trying meditation every morning, its become a habit now.  That is actually great (one pat earned). I am trying something even though I feel defeated.  That is determination (second pat earned).  Instead of being so hard on myself, I am going to give myself a break.  I cannot get everything accomplished in one day.  I cannot get to the big picture without taking small manageable steps.  Maybe I am learning something from meditation.  Even though I do not know the color of my third eye, I am at peace with the fact that all I have is this present moment. In this present moment I am the happiest I can be.


Have you started a meditation practice?  Comment your experience!  Let me know your favorite mediation tunes, apps, or books!  This evening I am trying a Sound Healing Meditation with Journey There Wands’, Autumn Austen.  If you missed this event Haylo Healing Arts Lounge plans to host this event again in the near future.

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